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Choose Your Realtor Wisely!


Work with a Realtor! This is a statement that I always have and always will stand by. When looking to buy or sell your home, you need a professional’s assistance. There seems to be a recurring question that always comes to my attention especially from first time home buyers, “Who pays the Realtor?” Realtors’ commissions are taken care of from the sellers’ side of the transaction in Arizona. Occasionally, there are administrative fees charged by the buyer’s agent’s company paid by the buyer but that will be disclosed in a buyer/broker agreement.

When selling your home you should ask the realtor for an MLS portfolio. This is going to show you 2 important things, such as how the Realtor photographs a home and the way they describe a home. Also, where is your home going to appear? There are many marketing sites in print and on the internet that Realtors may subscribe to. You want your home to be as marketable as possible and this will show in a Realtor’s portfolio.

When buying a home you shouldn’t hesitate to work with a realtor. Buyers are using the internet more and more to preview homes and many buyers will go from open house to open house looking for themselves. A buyer should use referrals to meet a qualified agent. Have an interview to make sure the agent and you are on the same page. Remember the agent representing the seller has first obligation to his/her seller. The agent is going to be your advocate and negotiator. That is why I recommend an agent independent of the seller. There are many steps throughout the body of the contract that must be followed when an offer has been made. You will want the assistance of a professional to navigate your way through this process.

Whether you are buying or selling, Realtors are there to make sure the laws are followed, your money is protected and you are able to purchase the home you desire.
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