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Making Social Media Work for You

In the day and age we live in social media is every where. People quite literally have the world at their finger tips and in the real-estate industry this can be easily used to our advantage. Here are a few way you can use social media to your full advantage.

• Get your name and face out there. There are many different websites that are geared towards networking. All of the following sites are great for marketing to a large amount of people easily.
o Zillow
o Trulia
o Facebook
o Linkedin
o Wellcomemat
o Twitter

• Stay Current: Post regularly and post information that is relevant

• Be personable: Take the time to actually get to know the people who network with you.

• Go to them don’t wait for them to come to you: “Friend request” or make connections with people. You need to take the initiative to say hello first.

• Try something new: Many people are using video footage for virtual ho me tours.
Taking the time to actually implement these steps can greatly improve your social media presence, bring in new business as well as retain current/ previous clients.